Applying to Graduate School: Tips and Tricks 

Welcome to our applying to graduate school tips & tricks page! On this page, you will find a sample statement of intent or statement of interest. I wanted to include this section because my journey to graduate school was pretty isolating. I wasn't close to any masters students and Ph.D. What? A lot of the process of applying to graduate school was trial and error in the area of developing a statement of intent. I went to different professors multiple times for their comments and review. I am so thankful for their mentorship and guidance. They each took the time to review my statement over and over. So Dr. Dickinson, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Young - you rock! However, in the end and despite all the lovely comments it is your decision on what to include or not. I went to multiple people in different disciplines and so I had some decisions to make regarding the focus of my research topics and how to frame certain things. Just stay true to yourself, and your vision. Research is ultimately a creative process, and it is motivated by certain individual factors. So what motivates you? 

All in all, this process can be pretty intimidating, so my first piece of advice is: start. Start writing and getting invested in what your journey could look like in your desired program — thinking about the kinds of things you want to do and study. The rest of the tips I will describe as I go through the document below!